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New update:

*Fixed bugs

*Now hub options are more accessible, because they come out only the unique for each model of Rim.

*Added two new models of rim (Alcoa Oval and trockebus rim)

Remember that can be used without problems in Euro Truck Simulator 2.


Features mod:

- was adjusted to the price of all the accessories

- New material for the wheels (Aluminum)

- New wheel model

- Added 9 new models of tires

- tires were eliminated the XFA Michelin2 and BF Goodrich


All fittings are available for trailers own


Tested on game version v1.32.x




It is recommended to remove all of the previous version, since some internal names were changed, and could result in an error.

It is recommended to place as a top priority the mod, since it is updated to version 1.32x and could have errors with old mods.


Modell: Rockchevelle
Textur: Rockchevelle
Script: Rockchevelle
Idee / Konzept: Rockchevelle
Tester: Rockchevelle
Sonstige: Rockchevelle


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