[ATS] GTM Kenworth T800 (DX11) 1.35.x

V update auf 1.35 (DX11) Mod für American Truck Simulator

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Mod based on a 2015-2018 Kenworth T800(N)

Short truck history:
If the W900B is the workhorse of Kenworth’s North American fleet, the T800 is the draughthorse. Introduced in 1987 (as a heavy-duty variant of the T600), the T800 is used in a very diverse range of applications – from regional and long-haul shipping, to firefighting, logging and vehicle recovery. It is readily distinguished from other models with its sloping hood and set-back front axle, which provides better maneuverability than most of its stable mates.

The T800 shares the same cab as the W900 range, but apart from its unique hood the rest of the new truck can be completely customised depending on the requirements of the purchaser. A multitude of wheel bases, duty and sleeper cabs, multiple axles and more may be configured for the new truck. The truck is also available with a wider hood (T800W) and high hood (T800H) to allow for better air flow around the engine.

In 2013 Kenworth released the T880 (the heavy-duty version of the T680) as an alternative to the T800, however the T800 remains in production as of 2018.

GTM Kenworth T800

Chassis – 4×2, 6×2, 6×2 midlift, 6×4, 8×4, 8×4 steeraxle Short and Long

Cab – Day Cab, Sleeper and Aero Sleeper.

Interior – 2 consoles and 4 interiors for each console available

Update American truck Simulator v 1.35
Directx 11

GTM Team: Wolfi, SiSL, SCS,YanRed


Modell: GTM Team: Wolfi, SiSL, SCS,YanRed
Textur: GTM Team: Wolfi, SiSL, SCS,YanRed
Script: GTM Team: Wolfi, SiSL, SCS,YanRed
Idee / Konzept: GTM Team: Wolfi, SiSL, SCS,YanRed
Tester: GTM Team: Wolfi, SiSL, SCS,YanRed
Sonstige: GTM Team: Wolfi, SiSL, SCS,YanRed


  • 09. Oktober, 02:27 Uhr
    Version update auf 1.35 (DX11)



09.10 2019
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V update auf 1.35 (DX11)
American Truck Simulator
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