I Support Single Moms Mudflaps Pack

V 1.7 Mod für American Truck Simulator

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This pack contains various “I Support Single Moms” mud flaps for entertainment purposes which will allow you to customize your truck in a more traditional way. The intentions of this mod are purely to amuse everyone with truck flaps you normally wouldn’t see in the stock game!

They are also done in a way so that they look good using high resolution textures (much higher than default textures!)

Additionally this mod will be updated fairly regularly to include more designs and colours to allow for much more customization of your trucks flaps!

What’s next for this mod?
Add more mud flaps!
Add support for SCS official Volvo VNL when (if) released.

This version of the includes mud flaps for the following trucks:
Kenworth W900
Kenworth T680
Peterbilt 579

Version 1.3 – 22/03/16:
Remove temporary upgrade path from v1.1 to v1.3 (If upgrading from 1.2+ this does not effect you)
Remove “Fake 3D” effect from limited edition flaps. It just didn’t look good at all in the end!
Fix the alignment of flap #4 on all
Fix the alignment of flap #3 on KW900
Oooh Shiney! Add chrome versions of the original 3 flaps to Kenworth W900!
Include three more new flap designs in standard/white for Kenworth W900
Include three more new flap designs in standard/white for Kenworth T680
Include three more new flap designs in standard/white for Peterbilt 589
Change displayed name of all flaps in-game to make it easier to find the one your looking for.
Some minor price and level adjustments to account for new “real” chrome flaps.




  • 25. April, 22:11 Uhr
    Version 1.7

    Version 1.7 – 25/04/16:
    * Pack in zip format for Steam Workshop version
    * Adjust price of “Bambi Standard” for the W900 short chassis
    * Recreate all menu item icons to ensure they are correct width and height
    * Recreate “Destiny” mudflaps to make them look much better.
    * Adjust text on “Raven” mudflaps for Kenworth W900 to make it a bit larger
    * New Item! Include new flap “Sapphire” for all trucks!
    * New Item! Include new flap “Dallas” for all trucks!
    * New Item! Include new flap “Blaze” for all trucks!
    * New Item! Include new flap “Trixie” for all trucks!

  • 22. April, 12:08 Uhr
    Version 1.6

    Version 1.6 – 19/04/16:
    * Rewrite Mod Manager description to make it clearer and more informative
    * Restructure entire mod filesystem and configuration to match my newer mods
    * Add a normalmap to Matt Chrome and Limited Edition flaps for a better 3D effect
    * Reduce shadow of all flaps for VNL670/T680/579 to fix a strange shadowing issue
    * Fix overly bright Matt Chrome & Limited Edition flaps on Kenworth T680
    * Include a new base texture & normalmap for “Misty” Chrome flaps

  • 13. April, 16:04 Uhr
    Version 1.5

    Version 1.5:
    * Use SCS Blender Tools for mod replacing old development method of using hex editor…
    * Add chrome flaps support for all trucks!
    * Reduce size of textures (same resolution, better compression)
    * Split custom trucks into their own directory as to avoid any conflicts if SCS release the same truck
    * Set desc.txt file line ending to: DOS / Windows (CR / LF)
    * Include 2 additional new flaps for all trucks!

  • 22. März, 17:32 Uhr
    Version 1.3



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