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- Standalone, Kenworth Dealer
- 4 types of cabins
- 7 types of chassis
- 19 engines
- 10 transmissions
- 4 types of interior
- Own skins
- Tuning
- Cable Support
- Fixed all bugs and warnings (one warning remained: The fact that the model is too heavy),
- Removed all unused files,
- Removed duplicate textures and moved all textures to one folder,
- Fixed windows (external and internal),
- Removed this greenish shade from the headlights,
- Fixed position of the view from the cab to match the appearance of the truck (the interior was moved back and down),
- Fixed position and rotation of the inner chamber,
- Fixed some animations (Remained to fix the wipers and add some switches),
- Adjusted the center of the steering wheels ,,
- Fixed position of the switches on the steering column,
- Fixed the scale of the instrument panel,
- Some materials have been changed so that the handle of the steering column and the handbrake knobs no longer shine,
MDrive is removed, because they have the same relationship with the versions of HD - in the game there is no difference,
- Fixed mDrive HD gear ratios (some of them were incorrect),
- Fixed artifacts UV-mapping on the edge, between the hood and wings,
- Re-make all the cabin colliders to better fit the model (in the original mode, the kenworth t680 colliders were used),
- Corrected and improved connecting colliders on all versions of the chassis,
- Changed the saddle angle and added the missing texture to it,
- Replaced the sound of air noises to default (the sound repeats all the time - very annoying),
- Added a truck icon to the gallery of tractors,
- Changed the names of cabins for real ones.
Some changes in the chassis options (in the future version the author plans to leave only one wheelbase, as on a real truck there is no possibility to establish a combination of the chassis and the cabin as you like (he has a shorter wheelbase for the day cab, but in fashion there is no day cab)
v1.1.1 (quick fix)
- Fixed errors of external sounds after engine change


Modell: Harven
Textur: Harven
Script: Harven
Idee / Konzept: Harven
Tester: Harven
Sonstige: Harven


  • 19. September, 00:43 Uhr
    Version 1.1.1


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V 1.1.1
American Truck Simulator
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  1. der Mack Athem ist super -
    diesen Truck könnte man noch verbessern
    - Tacho Beleuchtung , Beleuchtung der einzelne Instromenten sollte An gehen wenn das standlich ein schaltet . .usw
    (Bitte überarbeiten , eine 1.33 )

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