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V 1.36c Mod für American Truck Simulator

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– added necessary files for doubles/triples/heavy trailer in traffic addon
– adjustments of traffic ratio: more trucks on motorways in evening and nightime
– corrected frequency and count numbers to more realistic values allowing correct ratio cars/trucks/buses
– added spawn_distance_forward parameters, allowing traffic to spawn at further distance
– Most of Ai vehicles will turn on lights on bad weather
– Trucks will always haul a trailer
– limited slow vehicles only 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening

Cipinho, Alin Todor


Modell: Cipinho, Alin Todor
Textur: Cipinho, Alin Todor
Script: Cipinho, Alin Todor
Idee / Konzept: Cipinho, Alin Todor
Tester: Cipinho, Alin Todor
Sonstige: Cipinho, Alin Todor


  • 12. November, 22:09 Uhr
    Version 1.36c

    [ATS] Real Traffic Density v1.36c by Cip

    changelog v.1.36.c
    - limited slow vehicles to minimum and only few hours/day
    - tweaked some rules to reduce accidents that seems to happen more in 1.36
    with this version uploaded on Steam yesterday, following very positive feedback there, I upload here as well the last version of my Real Traffic Density. not traffic is perfect and everything seems fine on the roads, no more crazy speeds and accidents form version 1.36.c
    Author cip

  • 09. November, 02:11 Uhr
    Version 1.36b

    [ATS] Real Traffic Density v1.36b by Cip

    changelog v.1.36.b
    -significantly increase of traffic on freeways and large cities at daytime with no additional FPS loss
    -slightly increased spawn of classic cars (if used through my sound packs as separate type of vehicles)
    Dx11 is a significant game improvement. large traffic is much easily supported by the game now than in Dx9. it’s time for a truly Real traffic density on large cities and freeways with absolutely no FPS drop (tested on average PC with most of setting at maximum and scaling 400%)


  • 16. Oktober, 23:13 Uhr
    Version 1.36a

    Real Traffic Density v1.36.a by Cip for 1.36 Beta

    changelog v1.36.a:

    adaptation for ATS v1.36 beta


  • 25. Juni, 03:08 Uhr
    Version 1.35e

    [ATS] Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.35.e

    Changelog v1.35.e:

    -reduced slow vehicles to minimum on normal roads
    -increased slow on forest/farm roads
    -reduced overall max_count for Ai vehicles (density not affected)

    this update is to make better use of the slow vehicles, there should be seen very rarely now on the roads, and more on those country roads not open for traffic . the max_count reduction could help with keeping relatively low traffic count and therefore lower amount of data in RAM. Ai density is not affected

  • 15. Juni, 12:46 Uhr
    Version 1.35c

    [ATS] Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.35c

    changelog v1.35.c
    -update for public 1.35
    -banned slow vehicles from freeways
    -increased safety factor to reduce Ai accidents


  • 20. April, 21:42 Uhr
    Version 1.34b

    [ATS] Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.34.b

    changelog v1.34.b
    -added a few rules to increase safety
    -added sound tweaks; this updates is rather relevant for fans of my Real Ai traffic engine sounds


  • 11. März, 23:02 Uhr
    Version 1.34a

    Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.34.a

    I might have forgotten to upload the updated version of my Real Traffic Density mod so here it is: v1.34.a updated for ATS 1.34


  • 16. Dezember, 01:40 Uhr
    Version 1.33.a

    [ATS] Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.33.a

    changelog v1.33.a
    -adaptation to 1.33 game version
    -fixed lights issue generating fines during the day
    -fixed possible entrance of Ai to companies and private properties
    -Ai vehicles have now only real colors
    -reduced number of trucks in cities
    -some other tweaks of classic & sport cars and for doubles
    -support for Mr Larrington’s multiples trailers, my mod has higher priority

    remember you always need to be at g_traffic 1 in game console or config file.
    do not forget that you can make jazzycat motorcycles, sport and classic cars as separate types of vehicles, my mods has already integrated the traffic files for them. all you need to do is a little rename of one sii file in each traffic pack.
    this modification will increase overall the balance of cars vs trucks


  • 22. September, 22:51 Uhr
    Version 1.32b

    [ATS] Real Traffic Density and Ratio by Cip 1.32.b

    changelog 1.32.b
    slightly adjusted traffic density
    – removed separate deceleration values which seem to cause more accidents at crossroads
    – added support for new types of vehicles: motorcycles, classic and sport cars (no effect if you don’t use these mods). in order to use these vehicles as separate types of vehicles you need to open each pack and rename the sii file from def/vehicle folder by replacing the word car with classic, or sport or moto, according with the type of vehicles from that pack (example: traffic_storage_car.jazzycat_classic.sii will become traffic_storage_classic.jazzycat_classic.sii)
    – increased speed limits for sport cars and motorcycles (only if used as separate types of vehicles)


  • 06. September, 00:35 Uhr
    Version update auf 1.32.x

    ATS Real Traffic Density and Ratio 1.32

    changelog v1.32.a:
    – adaptation to 1.32 beta
    – few Ai trucks will drive without a trailer
    – harvester will no longer spawn on main roads, only on default no_vehicles roads
    – added different deceleration values for each type of vehicles (by Alin Todor)


  • 21. März, 19:42 Uhr
    Version 1.6


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