SCOT A2HD [1.6.X]

V 1.0.9 Mod für American Truck Simulator

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-More or less fixed the pesky shadow issue with the hood.
-All engines should now work with adaptive automatic
-All engines now have more realistic governor behaviour (based on real droop specs)
-Fixed a crash with the quick-job ‘A’ truck
-Added air horn sound (based on Grover Organtone) and reverse beeper sound
-Added turn signal, wiper, air brake and shifter sounds by Kriechbaum
-Added a few new mudflap designs
-Added a new paintjob, and icons for existing ones
-Air cleaner pre-filters are now an accessory
-Steering wheel is now an accessory (I will release a separate mod soon to enable SCI wheels for those who have the DLC)
-Revamped appearance of bumpers, visor, and grill. There are now 3-4 appearance options for each: plain aluminum, polished aluminum, chrome and (for visor and grill) paint.
-Revamped appearance of rubber parts
-Added Kysor KA-300 rooftop air conditioning unit
-Increaded rear suspension travel; it’s now more appropriate for a walking beam suspension (less getting stuck at construction sites, mines and quarries.
-There is now a locator for ‘Console Items’ (interior accessories)
-Fog lights are now active with headlights (for now until there is a better solution without using slots)
-Corrected a bug with the side mirrors (wrong name on camera locators)


Modell: Smarty
Textur: Smarty
Script: Smarty
Idee / Konzept: Smarty
Tester: Smarty
Sonstige: Smarty


  • 18. Mai, 22:00 Uhr
    Version 1.0.9

    Scot A2HD v1.0.9 [1.37.X]

    Changelog v1.0.9
    Correction to remove the old sound system
    Replaced the preview for the manager.
    Added skin to the model: CAT.

    - Standalone truck;
    - Sold by a dealer of brands from modifications;
    - 1 cabin;
    - 2 chassis;
    - 9 engines;
    - 18 transmissions;
    - 1 interior (own);
    - Tuning;
    - New wheels
    - Advanced hitch for the Long chassis
    - Support for DLC Cabin Accessories; (required)
    - Support for SiSL’s Mega Pack; (not included)
    - Support for advanced hitch;
    - Present in the gallery;
    - Support for trailer cables;
    - Lighthouses, banner and flags for heavy freight;
    - Deflectors on the hood;
    - New user interface icons for rear mudguards;
    - Changed the texture of the exhaust pipe;
    - Redone handle to capture the hood;
    - Fixed painting;
    - Support for Steam inventory items;

    Window animation and other functions 1.37 are under development, they will become part of release 2.0, which will become a serious alteration of the whole mod.

  • 15. Juni, 08:28 Uhr
    Version 1.0.8

    Scot A2HD v1.0.8 [1.35.X]

    Version 1.0.8:
    – 1.35 model format
    – Using mod truck dealer under Scot brand
    – Beginning implementation of wheel pack override (QJ variant A)
    – Using SCS trailer cable model for long frame
    – Wipers updated for 1.35


  • 28. Mai, 03:31 Uhr
    Version 1.0.7

    This is my first truck mod for ATS. It is standalone and can be purchased at any Peterbilt dealership. It comes with a decent variety of accessories and two frame variants. There will be much more in future updates!

    Changes v1.0.7:
    - Updated dealer definitions for 1.31 compatibility
    - Added support for dynamic trailer cables
    - Added beacons, oversize banner and flags
    - Added bug deflectors
    - New UI icons for rear mudflaps
    - Revised exhaust texture
    - Remodeled hood grab handle
    - Fixed paint job randomizing on Quick Job 'B' variant
    - Added support for Steam Inventory items

  • 19. März, 01:28 Uhr
    Version 1.0.6a

    SCOT A2HD v1.0.6a (1.28.X - 1.30.X)

    - Standalone;
    - For sale in Peterbilt showroom;
    - 1 cabin;
    - 2 chassis;
    - 13 engines;
    - 39 transmissions
    - 1 interior (own);
    - Their skins;
    - Tuning;
    - Accessories in the cockpit;
    - Support for advanced simulations coupling the trailer;
    - Is present in the gallery.

    Unpack the archive!!!
    In the archive there are 2 file:
    - Truck Scot A2HD;
    - Addon SCI Wheels for Scot A2HD, need to support DLC "Steering Creations Pack" (for the addon must have DLC "Steering Creations Pack" in the mod Manager addon put above the main mod on the truck).

    - Fixed flares for 1.28;
    - Fog lights now work as positional/parking lights (temporary until lightmask system improves or until I come up with a better solution).

  • 28. April, 18:57 Uhr
    Version 1.0.4


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