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This mod makes the SCS Dry Bulk Trailer ownable and working with the cargo market. Some important notes about the mod:
1. This is my first mod ever (excluding skins cause I don’t count those as mods), so it will not be perfect.
2. There will be a few errors that show up in the game log about a body locator not being able to be found, but this does not cause any issues with mod itself. It should not cause any crashing or anything like that.
3. I have tested this on both a clean profile and a heavily modded profile and had no issues ever. On the modded profile I set it to both top priority and lowest priority and it worked both times. But if you still have issues, try to up the priority and see if that fixes it.
4. If you discover any crashes, please comment and let me know what happened so that I can try to fix it for future versions.
5. I hope that this is not the final version. I plan to give a try to make both triple and turnpike double chain types available, but they do not currently exist in game, so I have no idea how hard that would be. I also plan to make a shiny chrome variant of the trailer instead of the current weathered chrome that the trailer comes with. I have other plans as well, but all of this stuff is only planned, not guaranteed. So no promises that this isn’t the final version.
6. Finally, I want to give a HUGE thank you to Half Fast Gaming for all of the help he gave me with this project. He sent me links to which of his tutorials I should watch, and if he didn’t have a tutorial that answered my question, he would work me through the situation himself. So again, thank you!

SCS, DNA Transport


Modell: DNA Transport
Textur: DNA Transport
Script: DNA Transport
Idee / Konzept: DNA Transport
Tester: DNA Transport
Sonstige: DNA Transport


  • 06. November, 00:59 Uhr
    Version 1.5


    This mod makes the SCS Dry Bulk trailers ownable and working with the cargo market.
    Changeable wheels
    Support for single, STAA double, RM double, TP double, and triple trailers

    Version 1:
    Initial release

    Version 1.1:
    Added support for Rocky Mountain doubles
    Fixed cargo names and locations
    Added support for changeable wheels/tires/hubs etc.

    Version 1.2:
    Added support for STAA doubles
    Fixed trailer body weights

    Version 1.3
    Fixed issue of there being no cables going from the first trailer to the middle of the dolly on RM and STAA double setups

    Version 1.4
    File cleanup
    Added dealership “logo”
    Added cement cargo image

    Version 1.5
    Added triples
    Added turnpike doubles
    Added cable support to the back of pup2
    Updated validity of trailers for the upcoming Utah DLC
    Fixed trailer brace animation issue

    Mod by DNA Transport
    Special thanks to Charlie Brown for the help setting up the TP double and triple .sii files
    Special thanks to Half Fast Gaming for the tutorials as well as teaching me and helping me with a lot of this mod

    DNA Transport, SCS, Charlie Brown

  • 27. Oktober, 22:10 Uhr
    Version 1.4


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