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--== V2.0 ==--
- Reworked cab model to look more like real FLB truck,
- All cab rivets moved to the normal map texture,
- All included skins adjusted by Lucasi and Pauly to match small changes in the template,
- Reduced triangle count of all models, the truck should have much lower impact on the game perfoemance now,
- New headlights, grill, bumper models,
- Reworked two chrome bumpers,
- Added painted variant of main mirrors,
- Replaced airline wires with an airline box,
- Added cab suspension models,
- Removed old pipes rack,
- Added 3 new pipes racks as a separate accessory (two of them have many light slots),
- Added 2 versions of reverse lights that you can mount on those racks,
- Removed back window from the "windowed" cab variant,
- Added air tanks models below chassis frame,
- Added more detail to the engine compartment - engine and transmission models,
- Engine color changes when switching between different manufacturers (cummins - red, cat - yellow, detroit - green),
- Added painted version of all chrome sun visors,
- Added light slots to all sun visors except the smallest one,
- Added light slots to spoilers,
- Added more light slots to the cab (accessibly by the grill addon accessory),
- Reworked chrome pipes exhaust holes,
- Fixed mesh splitting/normals on many models,
- Added Washington D.C license plate (those custom plates may be removed in the future),
- Added warning flags mount points,
- Added "oversize load" bumper banners to all bumpers,
- changed wipers mounts to more realistic looking ones,
- Newly baked AO textures on many models,
- Fixed some toy locators alignment,
- Reduced turn indicators blink delay,
- Changed some locators rotation so the accessory slots are visible when looking at the truck from the right side.


Modell: Harven
Textur: Harven
Script: Harven
Idee / Konzept: Harven
Tester: Harven
Sonstige: Harven


  • 11. November, 22:39 Uhr
    Version 2.0




11.11 2017
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V 2.0
American Truck Simulator
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  1. Sehr Guter Mod, Toller Sound - man hört auch ENDLICH die Scheibenwischer&Blinker besser als bei den Standardmodellen, Amaturenbrett ist voll animiert & Sehr gut Leserlich!
    Logfehlerfrei - und nach ca.: 10Std. Nicht abgestürzt.
    Fehlt nur noch der Link für die Anbauteile - dann passts Perfekt.

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